Houston Virtual Assistant Service

If we don’t know where we’re going, any road will take us there.

About Us

Houston Virtual Assistant Service is located in North Houston, Texas, we pride ourselves in our personalized service, attention to details and delivery of amazing customer service.  The foundation of our business is the collection of virtual assistants from diversified, professional work backgrounds; their diversity contributes to our success.


A few years ago, I started my business with no website…what I had was a direction which was fueled by determination, financial desperation and a pair of good running shoes.  With three-hundred black and white flyers, I hit the road jogging door-to-door, business to business, every day for two weeks dropping flyers before I got my first client.


Houston Virtual Assistant Service was born from innovative thinking, an urgency to solve a problem and the desire to create a business I am passionate about.


Barbra & Brenda