Are you bogged down in paper-work?


Then, Now, and the Future.


Having a Virtual Back Office is the new normal.  More and more companies, start-ups, and contractors are increasingly outsourcing their clerical, administrative, and customer service tasks.


The reason is simple. Economics and feeling overworked. Whether you are an entrepreneur, contractor, sales rep, nurse, or a busy executive with reports and deadlines to meet, are you positioning yourself to be WINNING in business and health?


We are in a new generation of on-demand economy, and now is the time to work smarter and not harder, focus on what you do best instead of doing it all, you may miss your objective – to enhance your business and stay healthy enough to enjoy it.


At Houston Virtual Assistant Service, we are your ‘business support specialists’, we are your go-getter, self-starter sounding board.  Our stay-at-home moms come with real skills from diverse, professional backgrounds, and our individual roles allow us the opportunity to work with clients from many different industries – home remodeling, oil and gas, transportation, medical alerts, construction, non-profit, and many more.