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Houston Virtual Assistant Service is located in North Houston, Texas, we pride ourselves in our personalized service, attention to details and delivery of amazing customer service.

The foundation of my business is our small, astute team of virtual assistants from diverse, professional backgrounds who look forward to contributing in some small way to your success.


Trusting the Right Virtual Assistant in the Right Place

Things to consider when hiring a VA

Homeshore vs Offshore VA Services

Trust, Safekeeping & Confidentiality

Possible Language Barriers


Are you looking for a virtual assistant offshore company who farms out work to “whoever is available”, or do you look for an independently owned, domestic company you can build a relationship and communicate with in the U.S. ?  When you homeshore certain aspects of your business, you generally work with an in-house team who assigns a personal assistant for the duration of your project, and not to whoever is available.

Safekeeping is the key component when hiring a virtual assistant, privacy matters to your business even if you have nothing to hide. Remember, a VA will be spending time in your email box, sometimes viewing sensitive information, typing important correspondence, even having access to user names and passwords.

Breaking down the language barrier of the various nuances in how English is taught, spoken, and communicated in different cultures is critical to understanding your needs and expectations.  In the U.S., our sometimes overbearing style of verbal and non-verbal communication is “it’s all about time and money”, I need this yesterday approach.  Will language barriers affect productivity and delivery of your time sensitive projects?

Satisfaction vs Discontent

The Right Virtual Assistant

The Bottom Line


Are you looking to have the perfect, long-term balance for your business to help you succeed?  There are many outsourcing firms who are not business owners, and they do not have a stake in the success of your business, but you do.  Find a business who treat their clients as part of their team, because they ‘get it’ – they will not succeed unless their clients succeed.

Dig deep to find the right virtual assistant for your situation, identify your objective and what you want your VA to do:

Ask yourself:

– Can we communicate effectively?

– Does he/she understand my needs?

– Are they easily accessible?

– Are they willing to sign an NDA?


Hire someone you feel good about, and look for a company that wants you to succeed in your business, because your success becomes their success.